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21 Day Sales Trifecta Bootcamp Agenda 

Day 1:  What Is The Video Sales Trifecta?

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You will learn what the Vidoe Sales Trifecta is and why it is so powerful. 

Day 4:  Social Media Theory Day 1

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Videos are powerful. But only when used correctly. We will go over the basics of social media and distribution. 

Day 7:  Soapbox. Set Up Your Email Outreach

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Video email is POWERFUL. We will show you an awesome tool we use regularly to book meetings and close deals. This is a game changer! 

Day 10:  Production Day & Prep Questions

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In this lesson we will go over some much needed preparation to get you asking the right questions when creating your trifecta. 

Day 13:  Putting Your Trifecta In Place

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Now that you understand the trifecta, it's time to discuss how to use it to its full potential. 

Days 16-19:  Finalizing Your Trifecta

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It's time to finalize your own trifecta and start implementing it. 

Day 2:  Creatly & Spark

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We will breakdown our exact process for creating engaging proposals that sell. 

Day 5:  Day 4:  Social Media Theory Day 2

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We continue going over social media and content distribution as well as show you some useful tips and tricks. 

Day 8:  Networking & Building Your Network

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Your network is your net worth! It's time to breakdown the keys to successful networking and start booking meetings. 

Day 11:  Keys To a Good Contract

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Contracts are crucial to closing high paying deals. We will discuss some keys to great contracts. 

Day 14:  Discovery & Sales Process

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Wan't to know how to run effective discovery meetings and even more importantly, sales meetings? We show you in day 14.

Day 20:  Creating A Steady Sales Pipeline 

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Now that your trifecta is in place, you know how to find clients, what to charge and how to close deals, it's time to build a sales pipeline. 

Day 3:  Pre Production

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It's time to start pre production on your own sales trifecta! We will help you plan. 

Day 6:  Social Media Setup & Optmization

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It's time to master the art of optimizing your social platforms and finalize your mastery of using video to its full potential. 

Day 9:  Production Day 1 & LinkedIn

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Online networking is a crucial part to building a sales pipeline. We used LinkedIn to close a $150k deal and we will show you how. 

Day 12:  How To Structure Retainer Deals

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The key to closing to high paying 5 and 6 figure deals is a retainer structure. We will show you how to set it up. 

Day 15:  How To Price Your Video Services

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Pricing pricing pricing. How much should you charge? How do you know who to charge what? We cover it all in day 15. 

Day 21:  Start Closing Deals 

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The time has finally come. In just 21 days you have created your own trifecta and now understand everything you need to start selling selling the trifecta. Here come the deals! 

Daily Action Steps To Keep You On Track

Each day has its own daily action steps for you to complete. By day 21 you will have your own Sales Trifecta for your business, have a steady pipeline of leads, and know exactly how to sell the Trifecta to those leads for high dollar amounts. 

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You will get access to our free Facebook community of videographers and video marketers from around the world. You will also get access to our weekly Clubhouse strategy sessions and select Zoom live sessions. Note: This is not our paid FB community. That is only for students who purchase our master course. 

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