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10 Things I Learned or Rediscovered While Closing 200k In Video Projects In the Last 12 Months.

I see a lot of videographers struggling right now and I want to provide some motivation and hope. It is possible to make a great living with your camera. YES ESPECIALLY DURING A PANDEMIC! At the end of August, my rolling 12 month sales rev will be a hair over $200K. I want to share the things I have learned or have been reminded of in the last 12 months of corporate video production and strategy. Least important to most important.

10. Improving Audio makes a huge difference. I'm still working on perfecting it, but being competent in numerous audio situations increases credibility.

9. Bragging about your customers is a great way to get them to spend more money. I created this video as a surprise thank you for a client. It led to them adding on more to their contract. (Youtube link in the comments)

8. It is possible to make good videos with any camera, but when you can....upgrade to provide higher production value. This is low on the list because there are things that are more important than upgrading your gear. Work with what you have until the time is right to upgrade.

7. It is important to be capable of creating more than just one type of video. There are dozens of different videos you can create to help a business. If all you ever do is create one type of video (ex. promo vid) you limit your sales potential.

6. Learn how to use your videos to generate leads for your own business. If we are telling business owners that we can help them be more successful by using video, we should be able to generate leads for our own companies with ease. If all of us knew how to use the videos we create, none of us would be hurting for business.

5. Networking is mission critical. If you are not on a constant mission to meet and build relationships with as many business leaders in your area as possible, you are missing out on a boat load of sales. Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH. I promise you this is true.

4. Booking 20 videos for 1 client is much easier than booking 1 video for 20 clients. Retainer contracts are a game changer. When you can get a client to purchase multiple videos and spread them over a period of time, it will change your business forever. The $200K in the last 12 months is from 9 clients.

3. Covid 19 has created a golden opportunity for videographers. The entire business world has been forced to put a huge emphasis into their online strategies. Video is the key to delivering information to customers, employees, investors, business partners, etc. Smart businesses are investing loads of money in ramping up their video strategy. Every videographer should be closing 2-5 deals per month minimum right now. If you are not, there is a disconnect somewhere. If you can figure out what that disconnect is, you can cash in on the gold mine that is out there.

2. The most important thing for a business owner is that you get them results and make them more successful in business. They are not buying video from you. They are buying the results that come from using the video. Which means that you actually need to know how to use videos correctly to generate results (see #6). Understanding the business and strategy side of video production will make you more confident. What is the correct video for the situation? Who is the audience? How will you distribute the video? How will you measure the data and adjust to it? If you can show a business owner an actual plan and not just a demo reel, they will trust you more. Get them results and they will pay you big dollars.

1. The most important thing I was reminded of was that I love giving back to the community. I'm always happy to chat with anyone that has questions. My hope is that this post generates conversation and motivation. I want to see yall be super successful. It is 100% possible when you put all the pieces together.

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