• Mark Cloutier

How My Video Production Company Helped Me Become Debt Free.

Im not sharing to pat myself on the back, but more so to encourage people to follow their dreams. I believe if you commit yourself, it is possible to live your dream life even in the toughest of times.

Today I got notification that my credit card was paid off completely. I had been working on paying off my debt for a while. My Fiancee and I looked at our total combined debt in mid January. We had just under $25K in combined debt. The zero balance notification I got today was the last of the debt that needed to be paid off.

In the last 4.5 months, not only have we been able to pay off $25K in debt, but we have also been able to start booking the vendors and services for our wedding (all paid in cash), upgrade about $5K in camera gear, and increase the balance in our savings account and investments. All during a global pandemic.

This all was possible because my Video Production and Strategy company is doing very well. I was never able to do this when I worked for someone else. So, if you truly want to pursue video production, just know that it is 100% possible to make it happen. Make all the necessary investments in yourself and take the risk. It is totally worth it and I would never go back. I am always happy to chat with anyone that has questions or can learn from my experiences.

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